Friday, June 22, 2012

May Highlights

I know I still have some catching up to do so I'll break it down a bit. May was a good month for us! I finally got the ok to finish chemo for good. Or at least for hopefully a long long time. I started back at work, then ended up taking two weeks off to recover from a hysterectomy. That was fun, oh yea. Amazing things, these robot surgeries. Only four little incisions and I was up and around soon after. Wild.

I got to attend a k.d. lang concert! She is an amazing singer. I only wish I could have jettisoned the rude woman next to us. She came in late, breezing in on a cloud of freshly smoked cigarette smoke. She proceeded to spritz herself with some kind of smelly whatnot and then pulled out the smelly lotion. Once she was done motioning her hands, she removed her shoes and lotioned her feet. And the final touch was then taking out a wad of gum and chewing it so loudly I could hear it over the concert. Good lord. Some people create a large wake, no? Ish. Other than that, the concert was fantastic!
Katy has grown by leaps and bounds. She started out below the first percentile in height for her age and now stands at 66%. She's almost a yard tall now. Not yet jumping from two feet but walking is getting stronger and faster. Speech and occupational therapy are happening at daycare. By all accounts she's catching up quickly! I made a weighted blanket for her which appears to work wonders to get an antsy kid to sleep at nap and at bedtime. Working on a second one we can leave at daycare. More on that later.

I celebrated my birthday with a dinner at Red Lobster with my parents. I know, going all out, right? Katy ended up eating crackers and ketchup that night. Oh well! This is our thank you for the fun birthday cake present from Aunt & Uncle...
The month ended with a great visit by my sister and her mister but I'll save that for it's own post. Here's a look at Miss Katy, having fun and getting to be a big girl!

Sliding on the big slide for the first time, don't her legs look long?
Falling asleep at the table...
We're having fun, who needs toys!
Rockin' the free hairstyle!

And finally, a dip in the pool.
We'll be back again soon!