Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Riley and I circle Lake Harriet today. The bandshell seems so far away in this picture!
After an hour of trying to get my phone to talk to my blog, I give up and post by computer. Anyone have any hints on how to blog from a Droid phone? argh.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perfect spring weekends

This weekend's weather was just about as perfect as it could be. The sun was out, the bugs were not and it was just the right temperature for all kinds of outdoor activities. And as an added bonus, the airplane traffic was on the north-south runways so it was relatively quiet as well! Here's what we accomplished this weekend:
-Picked up food at the vet
-Target run for household stuff n stuff
-Painted the new closet (with just enough leftover ceiling paint!)
-Nice long run at the dog park
-Bath for Riley, following the nice long run at the dog park
-Potted 50 or so dahlia tubers
-Set sprinklers up to start getting the grass green
-Photographed afghans for website
-Walked to Lake Calhoun and over to Lake Harriet (gridlock traffic, must be nice out!)
-Grilled steak and ate first dinner out on the deck
-Relaxed and read some magazines

I love getting so much done! And even with all of that, I got to sleep in (a bit, at least until Riley had to go out) and enjoyed a leisurely morning coffee and breakfast. I listen to the neighbors entertaining their kids and know that these weekends won't be the same next summer. I might miss them but am very excited to see what's next for us once the adoption is done!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More remodeling

I'm not quite ready to start making a nursery but I did splurge on a new closet door. I still need to put in the shelf unit but I'm excited to have the whole closet accessible!

After...(or at least 'during' since the shelves aren't done yet)

Easter Sunday

Took me a while to get the photos off the camera and onto the blog. RIley and I joined Aunt Mary and Boomer at Mom & Dad's house for a lovely dinner.

First Riley and I try a photo on the deck. Wow am I pale from the winter. Didn't help to be wearing white and in the blinding sun. Will have to try that again in the shade. With some bronzer.
Me and mom...
Mom & Dad...
Aunt Mary & Boomer...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Adoption Fundraising

There's been a recent change in process in Ethiopian adoptions. Every family now will travel twice to Ethiopia. The first trip will be the court appearance and the second, 8 weeks later is the Embassy appearance. I think it's an awesome step in making the process more transparent and hopefully more ethical. However, it provides a bit of a hiccup in my plans.

Needless to say it has brought about a change in my attitude towards fundraising. While I still believe that I should shoulder the financial challenge of making this happen, adding a second trip to the tune of $3000 or so might just tip the scales of more than I can handle on my own. So I joined up with Just Love Coffee to provide wonderful coffee to all my friends and hopefully raise some money in the process.

Check it out here Just Love Coffee Store

My next plan is to continue to create the crochet animals that people seem to love and start up a store on Etsy. More to come on that later (after a feasibility study) :-)

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The fattening of America

Once a year, I go to McDonald's for a Filet'o'fish sandwich. This being [the week of] Good Friday, I thought it was an excellent day to partake. And since the McDonald's was on my way from one office to the other it was also convenient for lunch. In the drivethru I see that you can get sandwich and large fries for $3.33. Alas, I would like to refrain from eating that many fries so I opt for sandwich and small fries. Total: $4.28.

Me: So it costs more to get less food?
Drivethru Guy: Well you could just get the combo.
Me: Can I get the combo for $3.33 and just get a small fries substituted?
Drivethru Guy: Sorry, I have to charge you extra for the substitution.
Me: I'm late, whatever, just give me the small fries and I'll pay extra.

Yes, I could have argued more. Yes, I could have just gotten the large fries and not eaten them all. Right. Like that would happen. I'm just not sure what it says about a company that promises it is aware of the obesity problem and yet rewards people for overeating.