Friday, June 6, 2014

Barbies, boats and doughnuts!

I realized after looking back at the last few posts that I haven't written any health updates for a while. If anyone of my fellow MBC sisters haven't abandoned this blog yet, here's an update!

As for me, currently my tumors are all stable and NED (no evidence of disease or also NEAD, no evidence of active disease). I continue to take Femara to keep those nasty buggers asleep and check in with the oncologist every three months to make sure it's all going in the right direction. Or rather, not in the wrong direction anyway. Side effects are fatigue and soreness and I'm blaming my swiss cheese brain on it too. Then again all of those things could be caused by being a single mom to a 4 year old. So there it is. Two years NED and counting. I feel extremely blessed and hopeful for more of the same.

Katy is healthy as can be, continuing her growing streak up to the 90% percentile for height and 60% for weight. You can practically watch her get taller! She grew 3 inches since her birthday in October, bringing her up to 43" tall. She might be a tall one, we'll have to wait and see.

Riley has recovered from her vertigo event finally. She's almost 15 now and just this morning she dragged me on a walk around the neighborhood like she has done since she was a puppy. The only difference is now I can hear her dragging her feet sometimes. Those back legs don't have as much strength as they used to.

So there you have it. Happy to be on the right side of the grass as always!

Now for more fun...

I broke down and took Katy to the Barbie Dream House at the Mall of America. Good gravy that is a lot of pink. When we approached the event center, Katy stopped and put her hands up to her cheeks and proclaimed loudly "Oh, my goodness, oh my goodness, it's the barbie dream house!" Giant smile and then a little hop up and down. Who could resist such cuteness! Our tour started with one of Barbie's friends. It was her first day. And we were literally the only people in there. Wednesday afternoon not such a busy day apparently. I was shooting for low key, not too crowded but solo touring wasn't as fun as it could have been. Regardless, Katy was fascinated by everything even if she didn't participate in all of the interactive activities. Her favorite part was the dressing room where the mirror would show her with Barbie's clothes super-imposed on her. Waving her arms would change the ensemble and cause stars to fly out everywhere. Super fun. The pent house was the main attraction. She got to have glittery makeup put on and got to dress up. Despite the loud music (do not take your kid if they have a problem with loud noises, hence our going when it was not busy) she went up on stage and did some kind of spoken word performance while chipper boppy music blared on behind her. So funny. Pretty sure I wasn't supposed to take pictures in there but by that time Barbie's friend had abandoned us and we were pretty much alone. Crazy pinkness.
We enjoyed the Linden Hills Festival for the third year in a row. Year one we decorated the stroller, last year was the worst tricycle ever made and this year Katy got to ride her new Wild Flower bike. And yes it was her idea to wear her Cleopatra beads over her helmet. Bling! Best bike parade so far, that's for sure. Next year hopefully I won't have to hold on to the bike for the whole way. Baby steps. We stuck around for some food and waited in some long lines for bouncy houses. We left just a moment before Melt.Down. and made it home for a nice long nap.
The next weekend adventure was at Evi's grandparent's place in Cumberland. It's always a fun time and I'm grateful for the time to relax. Katy loved it all, especially the moms vs girls squirt gun fight. We were all soaked!
I have to include this one of Evi because it's just so damn cute.
Katy doesn't have the sweet tooth that I have, but we both love our doughnuts. We happened by the newest shop in our neighborhood Bogart's Doughnut Co. just as they were having their 'soft opening'. We had a couple of their last ones and we're ready to go back! They've had such good response from the community that they are bulking up their capacity and trying to keep up with demand. We will get there early tomorrow to be sure to get some.
I just received the images from the photo shoot we did on Mothers' Day weekend. So many good shots it's hard to choose. Samples coming to the blog soon...