Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home 3 months (and then some)

So many posts in my head, sadly nothing getting out to my computer. I did manage to take a picture near to our three months home mark. Similar to the first two months I chronicled here, I tried to match the pose we got on the first day home.
Katy has been growing so much it's almost visible to the naked eye! At our last checkup, they measured her height at 32", a full 5" taller in just 3 months. Amazing. I look at this month's photo and she seems so lanky and yet sturdy, compared to the big belly and little legs she had that barely held her up. She's also walking all over, when the mood strikes her. (Special thanks to Doda Susan for the cute skirt and Max & Adam for the Cars crocs in the video)
Real words are still yet to come but even though she's not saying anything recognizable, she's talking all the time.

And tomorrow, she turns two! I'll have a birthday post for her if I can get my act together. We'll have a little party and of course some cake. More to come on that.

Since it's difficult to find a snack that the day care can accept, I thought it might be fun to make something that they could use whenever they celebrate birthdays. Once a month the kitchen bakes a cake for everyone who has a birthday that month. My idea was to have birthday bibs with fun birthday fabric! Then it turns out that the fabric store didn't really have flannel or terrycloth in fun birthday patterns. grr. They did have a cute dinosaur pattern, which worked out because they are the dinosaur room. And so, I made bibs.
Lots of them. What was I thinking!? I haven't sewn really much of anything since high school. I think they turned out ok. Definitely glad to have them done. I'm discovering how creative you have to be to get everything done in the hour after she goes to bed before I collapse into mine.

More blogging to come...