Friday, August 9, 2013

Just a little glimpse into our morning

Riley's morning routine today:

2:00am wandering through the house. Then to the back door to be let out, only to decide the grass was too wet and maybe it could wait.

7:30am getting forced out of bed to go outside, then inside back onto the couch to fall back to sleep

My morning routine today:

2:00am up to let Riley out, on leash so she doesn't wander, only to come right back in when she is done (see above).

6:30am waking to strange noises in the kitchen, only to find...

Katy's morning routine today:

5:15am waking up and wandering about in her room.

5:30am wandering outside of her room, presumably to the kitchen

5:35am back to her room, with my phone. Scrolling to find Pandora and then listening to the Disney musicals station we had last listened to. Also scheduling a meeting with my calendar app.

5:45am bored with music, she wanders back out to the living room to scatter my knitting bag's contents all around the floor.

6:00am to the kitchen, moving her chair to the counter to try to log in to the laptop, thankfully unsuccessfully. Then moving her chair to the sink to find the 20oz cup of lemonade I had taken out of the refrigerator last night in order to empty and toss but unfortunately forgot to. Promptly finishing said lemonade. At which point I wake up and come in to the kitchen as she is directing an imaginary marching band with two double pointed knitting needles. Upon seeing me, she gleefully explains (while holding giant empty lemonade cup) "It's all gone, mama, it's all gone!!!!"

Good grief, I'm going to be very nervous when she figures out how to open the doors to the outside. Apologies to her daycare teachers for whatever today brings. I'm guessing an early nap and a very wet naptime diaper. (insert sheepish grin here)

Tonight is another installment of "movies in mommy's bed" night. We will be screening Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I'm hoping her love for musicals extends beyond The Music Man. While I am a big fan of 76 trombones, it can get a little old after a while!

What movies are your toddlers into?