Thursday, April 1, 2010

The fattening of America

Once a year, I go to McDonald's for a Filet'o'fish sandwich. This being [the week of] Good Friday, I thought it was an excellent day to partake. And since the McDonald's was on my way from one office to the other it was also convenient for lunch. In the drivethru I see that you can get sandwich and large fries for $3.33. Alas, I would like to refrain from eating that many fries so I opt for sandwich and small fries. Total: $4.28.

Me: So it costs more to get less food?
Drivethru Guy: Well you could just get the combo.
Me: Can I get the combo for $3.33 and just get a small fries substituted?
Drivethru Guy: Sorry, I have to charge you extra for the substitution.
Me: I'm late, whatever, just give me the small fries and I'll pay extra.

Yes, I could have argued more. Yes, I could have just gotten the large fries and not eaten them all. Right. Like that would happen. I'm just not sure what it says about a company that promises it is aware of the obesity problem and yet rewards people for overeating.


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