Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Immigration day!

Finally! I didn't sleep at all last night in anticipation of my appointment for fingerprinting at USCIS today. After so much waiting and doing nothing to further the adoption along it felt really good to have something to do.

My appointment was at 11am and the morning seemed to drag. I left work to find the Application Support office, which is located between a LeeAnn Chin and a UPS store in a non-descript strip mall in St. Paul. I wasn't sure what to expect. I found a mostly empty waiting room with folks from all corners of the world. Next to me in line was a woman from Colombia and a man from Nigeria, both applying to take their citizenship exam. I fidgeted the entire 30 minute wait. Tried to relax, but was just too excited.

The fingerprinting did not go as well as I'd hoped. Apparently I have very dry hands with deep lines which made my 'match' score just over 50%. Which, the nice lady explained, could mean a rejection and yet another letter saying I'll get a letter with another appointment sometime later. ARGH! Well, my last set of fingerprints didn't look as good as these and they passed so maybe these will pass too. I'll cross my (deeply lined, very dry) fingers!

Now I wait. I'm hoping for two weeks. I could wait for 60-90 days if what the form says is correct. Two weeks sounds more fun than two months. So anxious! In the meantime I will be making copies of the rest of my dossier so it will be all ready when the glorious I-171H arrives.

tick tock tick tock...

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