Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - 8/22/10

We needed to record the proof that we are doing well and not having just popcorn and cereal for dinner!

Today Lexi and I picked up some great produce at the farmer's market. We mixed up some red potatoes, carrots and onion with garlic and rosemary. I marinated a flank steak with Dave's tri-tip marinade and grilled it. We also mixed up some of Kathleen's mango habanero salsa (although we use a bit less pepper than she does).

We will shortly be enjoying a rustic berry pie with the last call blueberries (amazing), raspberries and strawberries. And ice cream of course.

It's a fitting celebration meal I think as tomorrow Lexi starts college. You rock Lexi! Now I need a nap...

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Oh yum! Totally making my mouth water just reading about your meal. Certainly tops our baked talipia and steamed broccoli!

  2. Huh. You are pretty good with photoshop, making that popcorn and cereal look like real food. ;-)

  3. WHAT?!? YUMMY!! What a delicious sounding meal! And i can imagine, after all that work you DO need a nap :)