Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two whole years

I can't believe it. Two years ago yesterday, Katy and I shared our first breakfast together at home. Watching the video now I'm head over heels for her. And I can laugh now remembering how happy I was, just before the bottom fell out. I was thinking, this is easy! She's adorable, I'm a natural, and so on. Little did I know I'd be a blubbering puddle of anxiety a few short days later. (if you want to rehash it, check the archives) But, like I said, I can laugh now. That's not to say there aren't days I'm loaded with anxiety. I am past the blubbering puddle at least. whew!

Katy has shot up from below the 1st percentile for her height all the way to 90th percentile! This girl is amazing. Just to show how much she's grown, here she is two years ago...
And here she is today. Same clothes. Probably the last time she will be able to wear them. They are after all 24 month sizes.
Here is the video I took on June 26, 2011. Our first morning together at home...
And this was how we started our morning, two years and a day later. Breakfast is now at daycare so we weren't eating but we were still enjoying some 'music'.
Sometimes it's difficult to think back to those first few weeks. I think we came out ok though and I'm looking forward to some more fun times ahead. We'll celebrate our two years with a trip to the beach perhaps. Or maybe just the playground. Either way we'll have fun together, my girl and me.

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  1. Lovely update Stephanie! I can't wait for the four of us to get together.