Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One giant step!

Well it's officially out of my hands now! Immigration form came on Friday, and Tuesday as soon as the offices opened, I was at the Secretary of State office in St. Paul with my whole dossier to be authenticated. I waited about an hour, along with all the other people who probably wanted the office to be open on Monday like I did. And then it was done! I then proceeded to make a boatload of copies, collate and double check and triple check that all was in order. Quite a stack of paperwork!

Then it was off to the FedEx office to package and ship. I splurged on the overnight shipping, knowing I just couldn't wait on myself when I'm already waiting on everything else. And now, I wait again. But it's out of my hands now and I've done everything I can do to make it happen. God willing, I'll be a family soon!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Just a few short weeks from the official wait :-)

  2. Our immigration form also came before a Monday holiday. I've never dislike a holiday more. lol. I couldn't wait till Tues arrived and we could get it authenticated. Hope you hear soon that your dossier is on its way to Ethiopia! It'll be there before you know and you'll be OFFICIALLY WAITING! Woot!