Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I love judging

I love being a gymnastics judge. Yes, it can take up an entire weekend. Yes, it can be long days of sitting on my butt with my brain hurting from all that math. And yes, I eat too much during the breaks. But in the end, I get to see successes and accomplishments and of course all the glittery hairdos. And leos.

This past weekend I got to see and judge some amazing gymnastics. I scored my first 10.00 vault. It was awesome. Makes me glad to be a part of such a fun sport. And a little jealous that this old body will never do gymnastics again. So, I will live to watch and enjoy. Fun!

Take a look at this amazing vault...

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike


  1. Judging gymnastics? How fun! My old body won't be doing that anymore either. However, I have a 2 year old who loves it. We just need to get her baby sister home, in a routine and get her back in gymnastics so she can love it some more.

  2. Dear Stephie -

    Old body. Whatever.

    Love, your old sis