Friday, June 25, 2010

Three months waiting

(The awesome 3)

It has now been three months since my paperwork was registered in Ethiopia for the adoption. Realistically it won't be until August (hopefully) or September (maybe) or even later before I hear about a referral. In the meantime I feel a bit stuck in limbo. I want to plan, paint the nursery, buy cute clothes and prepare for all that will change. But, I don't. I wait.

Mostly it's because I can't get over the feeling of it not being real. I'm hoping that seeing her picture will finally make it real for me. There's so much unknown, especially the timing. Do you plan a vacation because you won't travel until next year? Or do you wait and hope for at least one of the two trips to happen before the end of the year.

One thing I have done is put together some spreadsheets (my family, we are very spreadsheet driven, thank you Susan and Erik) that compile all of the tips and information that I've learned through blogs and internet boards. What to take with you when you travel, where to stay when you go, how to deal with attachment issues when you get home, etc. Hopefully it will be a good resource when I actually get to do something.

Next month is the 5th annual EKC Summer Mehaber, a festival at the State Fairgrounds. I haven't registered but I think I will make a point to be there. I'm hoping I won't feel out of place without my child but I'm eager to see what it's all about. The round table discussions sound especially interesting. I bet next year they will be even more so!

What did you do to prepare or pass the time before your referral?


  1. Hi Steph, tomorrow is the day that marks my 3 months wait. We are getting closer girl!

  2. I feel for you. I finally, finally got my l7lH this past week, and I am looking for older children, so the wait probably won't be that long. I am preparing .. just in case.. but I constantly go back and forth about planning trips or anything like that. I think I will do a spontaneous trip over Thanksgiving with my mother ..I think.. I mean I can't get hotels or anything because who knows what I will be doing at Thanksgiving. Plus, I would love to do a short two day trip in May for work (and take the kids) and expand it a bit into a mini vacation. However, that isn't possible unless I get them around Christmas and they have time to adjust prior. There are sooooo many unknowns. Part of me thinks I should plan the work trip in case something changes, and I don't get a referral. weird state of being in limbo......

  3. definately go to the Mehaber. You need a family to follow around???? You can always help me chase my kid! Seriously. No really.

  4. Are you single? What agency are you using? I have a year wait for older siblings.