Friday, October 1, 2010

Non-Update Update

I was hoping that I would have more exciting adoption news at this point in the year. Alas, I don't have any news except that there is no news. Disheartening for sure. So I've been busy. Judging season has started so between regular work and judging, I have much less time to walk into the empty nursery spare room and sigh.

Actually, I've been using that room to work out! Shocking, I know. I broke down and purchased the 30 Day Shred, since my 25th high school reunion was in 30 days. Haven't missed a day yet and I'm on day 16! So I haven't seen any difference yet but I did get fit enough to move from level one to level two. Not sure level three will come soon but who knows! It is perfect for my short attention span, being only 20 minutes long and each exercise less than 1 minute. You can do anything for less than 1 minute, right?

I've been enjoying the lovely fall weather and the dahlias that are now blooming in full force. This is the garden as of a week or so ago...

I'm still working on re-creating the Christmas stockings that our great-aunt made for the whole family. New family members don't have them but I'm not a very good knitter. I've signed up for a class at the local shop where they will help me figure it out. I sure would love to cross that project off my list!

Judging season provides me with a few captive hours in between sessions so I usually fill that time with crochet projects. Here are the latest...

The best news of the fall so far is that the family will be heading to Mexico on a cruise! It's a 7 day cruise and I'll be sharing a cabin with Aunt Shirley. Flights were even pretty cheap so with that and the cabin sharing it will be a relatively inexpensive holiday. We will be cruising over Halloween so there's another project for me - a costume!

Now I am not a costume person. Anyone who attended our amazing and fantastic (they really were) Halloween parties remembers it was not about the costumes, it was about carving pumpkins. Still festive but no dressing up needed. A bit of history to explain my hatred lack of enthusiasm for costumes - When I was 11 or so, can't remember the exact year, I made an awesome costume. I thought it was very creative. I used paper bags and covered them in brown trash bags in the form of a big circle, one for the front, one for the back. A big M&M! I had eye holes and my hands stuck out of the bottom of the M. The mean neighbor boys said I looked like a big black sperm. Now, I'm sure at the time I didn't have a concept of sperm or any such thing but I remember being horrified at being laughed at. So, it was the last costume I ever put on willingly. Now I only do it when I'm forced. So, I will figure something out for the cruise because no one likes a party pooper, least of all my sister, who will kill me if I don't (hi sis!). Any ideas?

And since I don't have enough projects going on, the Gerster/Zentmyer/Newberry cruise will need a logo for shirts. That's my project for this weekend. I scored a Groupon coupon for and for a song, (or at least relatively cheaply) we will have some kind of cruise wear once the logo is designed. I'd better get to it!

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