Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time marches on

It has been a hurry up and wait process since last September when I first contacted the adoption agency. I did everything in my power to move the paperwork along quickly so I wouldn't be the holdup on getting my family started. Then, the dossier was done. Cue the thumb twiddling. sigh.

Until last Wednesday. Something to do! I received a letter from the agency. Apparently they let their Ethiopian attorney go and hired a new one. Good because I had heard stories that he was tough to work with but bad because he's still a man with a family and it's hard to see anyone not being successful in their work. Good because now maybe things will go more smoothly in country but bad because now there's a new form to attach to the dossier. While I didn't really enjoy the thought of the process maybe being delayed while I got more paperwork done, it felt good to be doing *something* more than twiddling my thumbs.

So here's how it went down...
12:00 received email with new form
12:30 went downstairs to the notary and got two copies notarized
1:00 meeting (it was during work hours after all)
2:00 at Secretary of State across town for authentication
At this point, after waiting my turn in line we realized the forms weren't stamped. $#!+
2:00-2:45 drive back to work, get the forms stamped and then back to SOS
3:00 at the bank for the money orders
3:30 at FedEx sending overnight. done.

Ok so I probably didn't need to send it overnight but I just couldn't stop myself. I was so jazzed at being productive and also probably had too much coffee.

So now I'm back to waiting. The email from the agency also stated that they were starting to sponsor two additional orphanages as well as a foster care system. Hopefully that means there will be referrals coming soon? I have heard others who've been waiting the same amount of time as I have that have received theirs so who knows!?

In the meantime, I'm well underway on the Christmas stockings (well ok I'm halfway done with one anyway) and my moneymaking selling opportunity is almost ready to unveil. It's looking good and I can't wait to see if there's anyone out there who thinks the same and wants to buy one. Check back again soon for a cool Christmas gift!

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  1. I keep stalking your blog hoping I'll hear good news. I just know your baby is going to be matched to you soon. Hang in there, I was shocked when mine showed up in my email with no phone call or notice. Aloha, Lisa