Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time on our first Halloween! It sure is a different experience being down on the street versus in the house handing out candy. We called on cousin Angela again to be our candy distributor and we took off around the block for a brief taste of trick-or-treating. So far, the concept is a bit lost but it was funny to see Katy's reaction to seeing the other kids do it. 

First we previewed the costume at nana & papa's house...
Then we officially headed out for our first trick-or-treating experience! Angela helped us get ready and took care of Riley as she always goes nuts with all the bell ringing and street traffic.
Afterwards, we enjoyed the animal crackers we got from our neighbor Lisa and sat outside until it was too cold to sit anymore.
It sure was fun but I'll be glad when she's walking more so I don't have to carry the little strawberry from house to house. Man she gets heavy! I figure I got paid in candy at least :-)

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