Sunday, March 17, 2013

And now a recap, Summer 2012

It's time to get back to blogging. Has it really been since November? Yikes. Would you believe my New Year's resolution was to blog more often? Yeah, me neither. Life is exciting and busy with a 3 year old but apparently that's no excuse as I regularly read blogs written by people who have way more going on than that. Although I do have yet to find another blog of an over 40 single mom with a toddler, a geriatric dog and Stage IV cancer. Quite possibly that's a very small subset of the population. Just sayin.

When we last left off, I relaxed at a weekend retreat fly fishing. We enjoyed the rest of the summer with gusto, having fun at home and going on outings...

The Woodbury High School gymnastics team reunited. Well a few of us anyway. We had a great time anyway. Some of us (not me necessarily) still have the moves! Still looking for Michelle's set of keys, anyone seen them? Someday they will show up, I'm sure!
 Katy saw her first fireworks, down the street on the fairway of the country club. It was at least 120 degrees outside, with 110% humidity and there were swarms of mosquitos. And yet we cuddled tightly for the duration of the show. Not Katy's favorite thing, I guess. So sweaty...
We had visits with some or our Ethiopian friends! Katy's best friend Evi and her mom Rachel visited from Superior. The girls are so cute together! And since they have know each other the longest of anyone in their life, we're so glad we can keep in touch. Stay tuned for more cuteness on that front.
Sophie and her mom Sarah visited in August from Illinois (Indiana? why can't I remember that?) It's fun to see the girls growing up!
I scored backstage tickets to the Barenaked Ladies show at the Minnesota Zoo. My favorite fun band at an excellent outdoor venue. It was a great night! I also saw Coldplay and Madonna at the Xcel Center with work friends in the suites. Great nights, bad pictures but this post is long enough to skip any of those.
 Katy loves getting messy and splashing in the water to clean off...
We went to lots of festivals...
Linden Hills corn feed. So yummy! Also Linden Hills festival which featured Katy's first pony ride. Great video of that, can't find it.
Woodbury Days - another pony ride!
The Minnesota State Fair - Katy's second trip was much more active. Last year she slept through most of it. This year there was food, rides, coloring and dancing on stage! We also checked out my crochet projects entered in the creative arts contest. Two red ribbons! I'll have to think of something else fun for this year and see if I can score a blue ribbon.
Ethiopian New Year 2005 celebration with Nana and Papa
That's way more than enough for one post. Sheesh, I've missed a lot. Next up, fall and winter!

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  1. Yup. I am only over 40, with a toddler and a geriatric dog. You win hands down there.. plus I am getting horrible about blogging myself. The longer you are away, the harder it is to feel like doing it again. :-)