Saturday, March 23, 2013

January and February goings-on

My little girl grows up so fast! For Christmas, Katy got a toddler bed from Nana and Papa. I thought the transition would be more difficult than it was. We set up the new bed in her room along with the crib. From day one, she was done sleeping in the crib. So, the next weekend the crib was out the door and onto the sidewalk for recycling/trash. This is the morning of that first night...
Katy sang and danced in her first stage performance at daycare. She was an acorn and an owl. Very funny!
We had another fun weekend with Evi and Rachel when they came to stay with us. We explored the Edinborough Park Adventure Peak playground. As per usual, Katy ran, slid and jumped for a bit then was more interested in snack time. Evi definitely got her money's worth out of the equipment :-)
We also went to our first performance at the Children's Theatre, The Biggest Little House in the Forest. The one woman puppet show enthralled the girls, it was so cute to see.
We explored sensory activities. Mixing baking soda, water and shaving cream to make fizzling, foamy fun.
We decorated the window for Valentine's Day. And while the girls are already fast friends...
they are still toddlers!
We can't wait until we see them again!
A few weeks later Valentine's Day arrived with a coating of fresh white snow.
Max and Adam came to visit. We watched Peter Pan. They were all very excited as you can see.
And because I didn't want Riley to feel left out, here's some proof that the old girl still has some puppy left in her.
If you're still with me, we're almost there! Passport drama and cruise photos coming up soon.

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