Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Annual Christmin Weekend 2014

We packed a lot into the weekend as usual. We started out with a bang at the North Pole Express Santa Train in St Paul. We had Max and Adam join us too. We squeaked in at the last minute and ran what seemed like miles to be the last on the train before they took off. Whew. Hot and sweaty. But the ride was fun, all three minutes of it! Ok so it was maybe 5 minutes. But then we were at the North Pole and soon Santa came through to hand out candy and ask about what we wanted for Christmas. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. Santa had to visit all of the other train cars too. Then we rode all 5 minutes back to St Paul and headed into the Union Depot for hot chocolate and cookies. A bit of panic when the movie Polar Express was playing and it was TOO LOUD!!!! for one little one. Funny, when she finally saw the movie on the small screen she was obsessed with it. Obsessed. Santa even brought her a bell on Christmin morning.
On Saturday our Grand Adventure started with our event and ended with donuts. A bit out of order but I'm blaming that on my swiss cheese brain. We went to see Rudolph at the wonderful Stages Theater in Hopkins. Unfortunately I had inadvertently gotten tickets for Sunday when I meant to get them for Saturday. So I bravely approached the ticket window and begged to switch them, thinking maybe someone wasn't showing up for that show. The very nice floor manager found us 4 seats in the 7th row, just off the stage. Woot!
I didn't bring the headphones. My (second) bad. Halfway through the first song Katy lost it. I HAVE TO GO POTTY! Which is code for 'get me out of here'. Sigh. So we went to the lobby, bought the book and read it while we waited for the show to be over. We did rally to watch the last half of the last song so I guess that's good. I'm chalking this one up to a learning experience. Evi enjoyed it at least!
We headed to YoYo Donuts & Coffee Bar from there and it was as fantastic as the reviews said it would be. We got a bit of food into the girls before we scarfed up the donuts. We will have to return again because we didn't get any of their amazing ice cream. mmm. The day was topped off with a trip to the Children's Museum.
Sunday's Grand Adventure started with donuts as usual. Angel Food Bakery in Downtown Minneapolis is a destination in itself. You can watch the creation of pastries and cakes at a cute little counter. It's tiny so we took our rambunctious girls to the tippy table in the lobby. Evi took a time out in the potted plant and Katy wouldn't leave the entrance to Hell's Kitchen where the music was playing. The donuts were super tasty and the music was good too!
Next up was a short stop at Family Day at MIA. The girls were a little melty at this point but still seemed to be enjoying themselves so we carried on. Arts and crafts happened, paint was splattered and all was right with the world.
Finally, Evi made a guest stop at Katy's Ethiopian Dance class. As per usual, Katy wasn't in the mood to participate but they both still had a great time. It's so fun to see the dances by all of the different ages at the end of class. Someday when Katy feels like it, she's going to rock those dances too!

One thing's for sure, we get a lot out of our weekends!

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