Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Holiday Roundup

I'm sure you're on pins and needles waiting to hear about the Chocolate 5K and how that turned out. Update on that coming shortly. In the meantime let's wrap up the year with holidays in review. Seems so long ago that we were trick-or-treating, and without coats and mittens! We put the pirate costume in the dress-up bin and moved on to sparkly witch for the candy extravaganza. Last year's trick was distracting the candy givers with her smile and emptying their bowls before they realized it. This year, Katy managed to sneak her way into four houses and get all the way to the couch before I could grab her. Even when I warned people to block the entry. She's a sly one! No one seemed to mind though and she made out like a bandit again. Which was nice because we were able to repurpose some of the candy for the advent calendar later :-)
Seems as if I have no pictures of Thanksgiving, so I'll include a picture I'm thankful for. We watched Choo Choo Bob quite a bit a while ago and we finally met the man himself in person at the History Center on Thanksgiving weekend. Not afraid to admit I've got a celebrity crush on him! And he did get Katy to smile, even if she didn't actually look at the camera. That's huge!
Christmas was a whirlwind and celebrated at home and also in San Diego. We met Santa at Macy's and mailed off a letter of wishes. This year's wish? A purple sled. She told Santa all about how last year's sled only lasted one run before breaking up.
We picked up a tree at our favorite lot down the street. No Santa sightings there this year. Also, it was super cold.
We listened to some beautiful music by our friend Catherine and her church choir. And by that I mean we listened a bit and walked around some more.
I managed to get one shot of my two girls together. We need better lighting in the house to capture them well. And more cooperation on both parts, just sayin.
Finally it was time for Christmin! Katy picked her own dress out this year. Turns out she and Nana wanted the same dress but we ended up getting it after the annual shopping trip. They have good taste!
We actually set out treats for Santa this year. First year that Katy's understood what that meant. She was pretty excited for him to eat the treats. And she wanted to help him by drinking the milk for him. hmm.
Can you guess what's in the big box! One lucky girl gets a purple sled (which, as of February hasn't been used yet. yikes where's the snow?).
Riley is as enthused as always. zzzz
And really, it's all about the boxes.
On Christmas day, Katy and I flew to San Diego to spread the Christmas cheer. Aunt Susan and Uncle Erik set us all up with matching Elf jammies. Ain't nobody as cool as us!
We went down to the harbor for a balloon parade and connected with our friends Richard and Sara. The kids had fun watching all the big balloons go by.
But the army trucks were a bit loud for one little one...
We had an open house for friends and Katy got to play with Medi and Maddie and I got to see Lisa, Kate, Annie and also we had a special visit from cousin Angela!
The girls can sure be goofy! It was fun to see everyone again. We miss you guys!
The next day, while Susan and I shopped, Erik took Katy skating. Ice skating! In San Diego of all places. She was ecstatic! We topped off the trip with a train ride at Balboa Park. We love our visits to Aunt and Uncle and it was sure nice to get out of the winter for a bit.
We arrived home just in time for new year's celebrations. Katy's friends Brody and Piper invited us to a fun kid party and it was the perfect ending to the year. Just enough fun and dancing and no hangover. Win win in my book. Happy New Year!

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