Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby's room thoughts

Update June 2011, the room is done! See how it turned out...


I'm realizing more and more how much I would like to do to prepare my house for a child. Is it fine if I just paint and decorate the baby's room? Probably. But, I'd really like to have a better place for toys and crafts and storage. Plus there is a whole room of furniture in the room right now. So I've decided to use the money I had set aside to landscape the front of the house to finish the basement instead. That will add much needed storage and a great place to house toys that won't have to be put away so you can walk from the living room to the bedroom. Hopefully those front stairs will last until I have enough money to finish up outside!

Since I need some help from a contractor and Home Depot for the basement, I've turned my daydreaming to decorating the nursery. It's so hard to imagine what she will like. Is she a pink and ruffles kid? An undersea adventurer? Enchanted garden? So much to choose from! Also, since she will be almost two years old when she comes home, will she still need a crib or are we already on to the toddler bed? I'd hate to spend money on a crib that only gets used for a month or so but don't want to have the wrong bed when she gets here. Anyone have advice on that?

I know I'll be doing some kind of painting on the walls. I did my first mural at my good friend Molly's house for her twins Jack and Chase. (top banner had their birthdate, which at the time hadn't happened yet)
Pretty sure I don't want to go with the airplane theme but I found a few pictures that might be close to what I'm thinking.

I love the idea of polka dots...
Or maybe it's a garden theme...
I would love love love to be able to afford this and also have room for it. How fun is that!?
Still so much to do before the painting starts but it sure is fun to get ideas...


  1. I know absolutely nothing, but I bought the Graco Pack and Play.. the big square one with bright colors and toys on each side. It was under $100. I bought it because he will be almost l6 months when he comes home, but he is still about the size of a 7 month old. I didn't feel like he would need a crib, and hopefully I will move him from the pack and play to a twin bed with a guardrail. That is the advice I received.

    If you ever need ideas on a monitor or cupboards or locks (for an office door or something like that), I found the best ones after searching FOREVER.

  2. I meant height of a 7 month old.