Monday, May 16, 2011

Inching ever closer...

Last week I found out that my case has been cleared by the US Embassy! One would think I would be madly packing and booking flights. Sadly, we're still waiting on fingerprints. Ugh. If only. (see earlier post) Whatever. Have you checked your i-171H yet?

In any case, the Embassy is ready and waiting. Last Friday, I called USCIS to see if they'd been processed. They directed me to the NBC (National Benefits Center) and they said the package was in the mailroom waiting to go out 2-day air. Then they go to the NVC (National Visa Center). At the NVC, they upload the prints to a sharepoint drive and let the Embassy know they are there. Hopefully we will hear this week if the prints have arrived. Then we choose three dates and the Embassy lets us know which one is available.

So, in the event that the prints arrive this week, we've tentatively asked for May 31, June 1 or June 2. It's so far away! And yet so soon! I have yet to buy any diapers or get her outfits packed up in neat ziploc bags for the flight home (or a host of other things I probably should be doing or have done). I've almost completed the little gifts I planned to bring to the nannies and staff at the transition house. It's not much but I'm so grateful for the care they give all those kids.

It seems like many people I traveled with or whose kids she plays with every day have scheduled travel and are on their way. I'm so excited for their families to be reunited and I can't wait to hear their stories. Those of us still waiting are thankful for all the hugs and love you can give to our babies as they wait for us!


  1. Tick tock - I bet the days can't go by fast enough for you. They can't for me! ;-)

  2. What??? I didn't know you were cleared. Congratulations!!! See, referral and court after me, and you are going first. There is a plan for each of our families, and I am so thrilled for yours! Much love to both of you and yes I appreciate the photos from other families so send me some when you go please - LOL.

  3. Congratulations to you! We are in the suburbs of Minneapolis. We are going to Ethiopia in June for our court date.

  4. Found your blog off your sister's blog where she posted pictures of your beautiful girl. Hope the rest of the process goes fast for you! When you're waiting, I know it seems like forever. Once you have her in your arms forever though, it will seem like she was always right there :)