Friday, May 27, 2011

Inching ever closer...the sequel

Fingerprints are finally processed and the Embassy has confirmed they are there! Next step is to request three dates. I requested the earliest possible dates that we could physically manage. Sure enough, they couldn't do those dates. argh! How about you just tell me the three dates then. sheesh. So we are now waiting to hear about June 13, 14 or 15.

I thought I'd be able to book travel today. Then I remember that the Embassy doesn't work Fridays so we won't hear until Monday. The waiting now is actively, physically painful. ugh. Years from now we will look back and it will only be a distant memory. But today, it sucks.

I suppose though, it's good that we wait a little to go. First, the tickets won't be horrendously expensive. Second, I find myself with this...
My badge of honor for doing the right thing and donating blood. Apparently the needle didn't go in right and instead of pumping the blood out it pumped it back into my arm. neat. All those chemo treatments and doctor visits and MRIs and whatnot and this never happened. ishy. Now I'm sure it's probably not a problem to fly a long distance with that large of a bruise but carrying a toddler around might be challenging.

So what is your best 'traveling with a toddler' tip? I can use all that I can get...

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