Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another date change

On Friday I received the latest news from the agency. Our requested dates of June 13, 14 or 15 are all booked. sigh. Our next available dates to request are June 21, 22 and 23. How frustrating! What exactly is the point of letting us choose dates if they aren't available. I have an idea. How about you just tell me the soonest I can have a date and I'll just be there. That's what they did for the court date and it worked out just fine. I think the 'appearance' of having control while not actually having any control is the hardest thing.

I remember people telling me that the wait from court to embassy was the hardest. Until last week, I didn't agree with that. I still felt the time to referral was the worst. The not knowing. Will it happen, what will she be like, will I connect when I see her face? All those things drove me crazy. Once I saw her, I knew it was going to happen and it was just a matter of time. Now, it's coming down to the last few weeks and I'm So.Over.It. Done. And yet, it's more waiting. Hoping to hear on Tuesday or Wednesday if the dates they've we've chosen are available. More on that next week!

In the meantime, I'm still getting ready and packing things here and there (without actually taking out suitcases, since that drives Riley into a tizzy and who needs that?). I have toys and clothes and first aid stuff, benedryl and children's tylenol. I'll pick up some diapers and formula and some other food once I find out what she's used to eating these days.

I also wanted to bring something back to the nannies and staff at the guest house since they've taken such good care of all the kids there. I racked my brain, what would be a good gift? It's so hard to say. In the end it came down to these...

I modified a crochet pattern for a stuffed heart and created an opening with a flap. With some fun buttons from my mom's old collection and a braided loop, I think they make cute little purse-y type things. Then what to put in there? I thought a Minnesota made soap or something would be great. I purchased some from a local place from their online store. When they arrived the smell was so overpowering I coughed for days until I took the box outside. So, that got nixed. Maybe some people like that much essential oil smell but I'm not giving anything away that makes me sick :-)  Some puttering around from store to store uncovered these cute little notebooks and tiny pens. With some (decidedly less smelly) lotion, I think I'm done. I hope they like them!

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