Sunday, July 17, 2011


We are settling in to a pretty good groove here. I've figured out that I'm only anxious when she's asleep so if I can keep myself either sleeping or busy until she wakes, we're golden! We're still battling ear infections and not quite sleeping regularly but it's not as chaotic as before. We've had play dates and gone to parties so we're not sitting on the floor staring at each other all day. So helpful!

Last weekend we attended the EKC Summer Mehaber. Well at least for a half hour or so. Still figuring out how to fit things around lunch and naptime. We watched some dancing, met a great single mom whose daughter might be in the same day care room if Katy is accepted there. Met some people who are much better bloggers than I am, and I'm thankful for that! If not for people putting the real stories out there, I would have been lost. So good to know I'm not alone!

We also headed to the graduation party for Sharon's twins. Sharon was such a help to us on our trip we needed to celebrate. Katy was happily passed from neighbor to friend and around for over two hours. I think she quite enjoyed it. I know I did :-)

Here's a few shots from the Mehaber. Never mind that I look like I'm asleep and she's not wearing her cute Mehaber shirt. Thank the last minute diaper blow-out just before we left. grr.

We're exploring around the house too. Found Riley's bell and liked ringing it...
This girl will be a chef! Give her anything she can mix, stir or pour and she's a happy camper.
We had our first outing in the rain so we had to try on the cutest coat and rainboots ever! The boots were giant and kept falling off as she sat in the cart at Costco (exciting outing, I know) but she seemed to enjoy them anyway. I sure did, thanks Greta!
Katy still isn't walking but she stands and scoots along if she's got something to hold onto. No words either, although I still suspect that some of the mumbling she does is a semblance of Amharic words. She did learn the signs for 'eat' and 'drink' mighty quickly and now will wave goodbye and if she's feeling into it, even blow kisses. She's been a trooper through all the clinic visits and shots and whatever. Hopefully we can be done with that soon and just get into living.

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