Thursday, July 21, 2011

A question I never thought I'd ask

I received a good tip from a friend on diaper changing. Because we've had giardia here, the doctor recommended wearing gloves to change Katy. My wise friend told me of her day care provider days when they slipped the glove off over the diaper and wrapped it up in it. (sorry mother nature) :-( Anyhoo, we call them poop balloons. neat. tidy. unsmelly.

And the question I never thought I'd ask?

Say one were to do a load of laundry. And upon removing said laundry from the washer noticed one of the previously mentioned poop balloons, still wrapped up tight, in with the clothes. Would one need to rewash the load? Keeping in mind that we'd used the last clean bed pad, all the rest were in the load and it was less than two hours to bedtime.


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