Saturday, July 10, 2010

EKC Summer Mehaber!

I took in the Mehaber today, a fun event put on by the Ethiopian Kids Community. It's the 5th annual, but my first time attending. I couldn't help but run through a whole mess of emotions in the course of a few hours...

Excited - that I too will someday be a full fledged member of this community.
Hungry - wow did that Ethiopian food smell amazing! The corn dog, not so much.
Sad - that so many children have had to leave their homes and country for such a different life here in America.
Happy - that this community exists to ease that transition and keep the culture and connections to Ethiopia alive.
Disappointed - in my incredible lameness and inability to engage in conversation the few people I knew I recognized from the blog world.
Hopeful - that next year, with child, I will find it easier to connect with people.

I only got two pictures (sorry for the poor quality)
The fashion show...
The music of B├ęsu...
And now, I am off to the Basilica Block Party to catch some more music and maybe another corn dog!

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