Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - 7/25/10

Last night the Minneapolis Aquatennial wrapped up with the fireworks display over the Mississippi. I loaded up the blanket, camera, tripod and my fancy new remote shutter clicker thing and headed out. I thought that getting there around 8pm would secure a seat where I could also see the river but I was way wrong sadly mistaken. At least I found a spot with a mostly crappy pretty good view as long as you ignore the street lamp I saw too late to find a new spot. Seems to happen every year! The wind was blowing just enough to rain all of the firework soot down on everyone and I missed a good portion of the middle trying to get some out of my eye. Luckily I still had my remote so I kept clicking. Most of the images came out cloudy with lack of wind but the earlier ones look better. I need to explore more options for my camera than the generic 'fireworks' setting. Thought they would turn out better. There's always next time!

I like this one not for the fireworks but for the glow stick vendor streaming across the bottom. Interesting that you don't even see the guy, just the glow sticks.

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. I like your firework shots! I could not get any this year on the 4th-they turned out fuzzy. Good job!!

  2. Considering the pole and everything...(LOL)
    These shots turned out really well!

  3. I think they came out great!

  4. I think these are GREAT! I didn't get much from my fireworks photos - I realized some people really study how to take fireworks photos - so if you got one you like you did great!