Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four months and counting

Last week marked the end of my fourth month of waiting for my referral. I was going to blog about it that day but somehow I just couldn't come up with any words. Because what do you say? I'm hopeful, anxious, excited, bored, angry, tired, hopeful, all of the above? Honestly if I think about it too much I'll go crazy. It will happen. Someday it will happen. Not knowing when? That's the hard part. In the meantime I go about my day. Work, home, work, home. Walking the dog, chatting with neighbors, watering the plants. Summer is good in Minnesota and I'm enjoying it.

I started another crochet project, this time a dinosaur. I'll post a picture when I'm done. I'm looking for a policeman bear pattern to match the fireman bear I made for baby Max. Might have to make one up. Still have to figure out how to knit Christmas stockings to match the family stockings. Not being an advanced knitter, I'll probably have to get someone to make me a pattern. At least there's a few months before Christmas!

On a much more depressing note, I find out today that I failed my judging exam. Again. Fourth time was not the charm. Humiliating. I know I'm a good judge. I know I can do it. I've practiced at meets and watched videos and I do just fine. Stupid test. Always the same thing. Balance Beam. My favorite event even. How many expletives can I have in a day before the swear jar overflows? Today I might find out. At least, knowing that the season doesn't really start until January, I won't feel too bad about quitting because I was planning on cutting back after we get home from Ethiopia anyway. There's always time to go back to it. I know gymnastics will never be out of my system. Who knows, maybe my daughter will take a liking to it too?

I'm excited that my cousin Lexi will be here in a week or so to start her grand adventure of going to college in Minneapolis. She'll drive across the country with her dad all the way from southern California. I hope we'll have a few good months of fall so she'll fall in love with it here before the winter hits. :-) Any tips on where to find good roommates for new college students in Minneapolis would be greatly appreciated!

On to month five...


  1. Congrats on four months! The wait is awful and, at times, it does feel like the only thing you have is hope. You're right- it WILL happen. Hopefully VERY soon!

  2. I'm right there with you at the 4th month mark. I'm glad you are keeping busy even if distractions don't really keep your mind off of it. I'm hoping we both have some news within the next two months. Maybe Minnesota and Hawaii will meet in Addis Ababa. :)