Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August Grand Adventure

This Grand Adventure started at A Baker's Wife Pastry Shop near Lake Hiawatha. Holy cats, this was some good eats. Katy and Evi both chose cake doughnuts with sprinkles and Rachel and I tried some danishes. We also got lattes and I brought home a loaf of the double sourdough bread. Very inexpensive and one of the best places we've gone so far. So good that I'm glad I don't live around the corner from there or I'd be there every day.
Our activity for the day was a stop at the Children's Museum. The girls waited (mostly) patiently while I signed us up for a membership. Should have done this years ago! Then there was face painting, dinosaur stomping and dancing and cooking in the 'around the town' room. Then we headed the Thomas the Train exhibit and finally up on the roof, where the girls played with lots of instruments.
I think we have two thumbs up for this Grand Adventure. Now with our membership to the museum, we can go again and again! And we'll definitely be back to A Baker's Wife for more delectable treats. We followed this up with the potluck and soccer game (see Summer Fun Part 2 post). It was a little too much in one day. But we made it through half of the soccer game and fell asleep soon after. At least Katy and I did!

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  1. I have to get a membership to the Children's Museum. I seriously need to find a twin brother for Leo. Seeing these pictures of Katy and Evi makes me wish he had a similar friendship. Fun pix.