Tuesday, September 9, 2014

June Grand Adventure

When we get together with Rachel and Evi, we are prone to do more than we probably should. We are getting better at it but it always seems like there's way more to do than we have time and energy. We've hit upon a strategy that seems to be working. We call it a

Grand Adventure!

It starts with a bakery or doughnut/pastry shop. Then there's some exciting activity and then some down time. Sometimes there's another activity after the down time. Depends on the cranky scale. Much cranky, more down time. Easy, right? We've had a few unofficial runs at it. This time it's official.

Morning starts out with doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches at Mel-O-Glaze Bakery near Lake Nokomis. They have raised glazed doughnuts the size of your head! We enjoyed every bit of the pastries we chose. I liked having the option of getting something savory (and with a little protein). It wasn't super expensive and there were lots of choices. The cookies also looked amazing but we were too full to think about getting any.
After a brief rest at home and a wardrobe change, we headed to the Children's Theater for a matinee showing of The Cat In The Hat. We all loved the show! Katy didn't need her headphones for any of it. I think she's getting used to the idea of the dark theaters and bright, loud stages.
Blogging about our Grand Adventures is still a work in progress but soon I'll be remembering more details to share. I do remember we had fun, so that's all for now!

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