Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blogging on the road

So I figure if I'm really going to do this blog thing I'd better find a way to take it on the road. So today I'm testing out the blogger app. Seems pretty easy so far! We will see if the formatting lives up to my obsessive nature.

Today Katy and I went downtown to see the hip hop and breakdancing contest Ground Breaker Battle. As expected it was too loud for a while but then apparently not. Yea! We picked up some trinkets and some dance moves. Katy got a hand painted backpack from a graffiti artist. I think she likes it. Sometimes it's hard to tell. 
Since the contest was right next to the light rail station Katy was quite distracted by the trains. And because we didn't really have plans for the afternoon we are now riding to St Paul and back. I'm fairly certain I bought the wrong kind of ticket. Doesn't seem to be a huge deal and I doubt we'd get in a huge among of trouble as long as we tried. Anyway it's a nice ride and Katy's enjoying it. I think she might be close to sleeping. 
Speaking of sleeping, we are working hard at an early bed time. The first two weeks of school have been rough for the little nugget and sleep is a large part of that. Our nights are now all about bedtime. It's been a lot on my shoulders and I admit I've been lax on forcing earlier sleep. I'm just too tired! Ha! But with some effort we are now 9pm instead of 10:30-11pm. Still there's some cranky pants happening both at school and daycare. Next week I'll meet with all of her teachers to see if there's something else to do to help her. So grateful to have such a wonderful team looking after her!

We made it to St Paul! Now to turn around and go back to the car...

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