Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Fun Part 2

The summer was in full swing when we attended the Angel Foundation's Water Park Night. They closed the park to the public so we could all enjoy an evening of fun. Sadly it was a bit chilly but we had fun despite that. Katy splashed around and I lounged in the warm water. Because it started later in the evening, Katy got to wear her jammies home. She found that her pinwheel prize had great fun in the hand dryer and she got to get warm at the same time. It's the little things...
A rainy day pirate ship and three showings of The Pirate Fairy while mom cleaned the closets.
We joined around 170 other people at the Ethiopian Kids Community Summer Camp in Paynesville, MN. So many adoptive families gathered together to celebrate their kids. We missed the group picture by seconds, we just couldn't run fast enough! We set up our tents, had lunch and went out for ice cream and got back just as the beach opened up. The girls had a blast swimming and playing on the playground! (although Katy felt the grass was a little long) Then it was time for dinner in our traditional Ethiopian clothing and great food by Katar River Restaurant. It was so good! After dinner we gathered for s'mores. Evi headed to bed soon and Katy was my night owl as usual. Then Evi got up early. Good thing we had our own tents!
Katy got her first scooter and managed to slow down our walks by quite a bit. Who knew it would make us slower! 
A yearly event, the Uptown Art Fair. We enjoyed the food and I got to glimpse at the art as we walked by. That's fine, we weren't shopping anyway. It's just fun to look.
We joined our friends Brody and Piper for the Dakota County Fair. It's been probably 30 plus years since I've been there. It's in Farmington, where my grandparents lived. We used to get money from grandpa to go have fun. This year Katy enjoyed the horse riding contests and the midway rides and didn't care so much for the barns. Too smelly. The ferris wheel is the highlight I think.
We took our first kayak ride on the lakes! I've been wanting to do it for years. I've wanted to take Riley but she's too skittish. Then Katy was too young. We've finally made it. Next year she may get her own paddle but for now I'll do the steering. What a great ride and fun time with my girl.
Rachel and Evi joined us in August for a short, half-weekend. There was some splash pad fun in St Louis Park.
Then we joined the EKC folks for a potluck and a MN United Soccer game. We brought Sand Pudding to share. (not traditionally Ethiopian, I recognize that) The Abogida Roots dancers put on a demonstration, which Katy crashed. You just can't stop the dancing when it's in your feet! Unless it's my feet, then apparently I'm not supposed to dance. Just ask Katy. A good time was had by all. The girls enjoyed the game and they won!
Next up, another Grand Adventure!

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