Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Fun Part 1

Summer began on Katy's last day of school at Armatage. She graduates to Hi-5 Pre-K in the fall. We will miss all of our friends, especially teacher Amy. We made Thank You cards for them to remember us by.
We piggy-backed on our friends' Coffee Crawl on the day of Open Streets on Lyndale Ave. Perhaps overdid it on the bike and went a bit far but other than that it was a grand time! Fun to spend time with new friends!
We also found time to play with G & F. Gentle hugs, kids. Gentle hugs...
Dad and I golfed our favorite tournament the Jim Bucheit Memorial Tournament. 20th annual even! I think the last two times we went I was just finishing chemo. Much more energy this year.
We were proud to host part of the Airgas racing team during the North Star Bicycle Festival. They couldn't have been more polite guests and fun guys. Hopefully we'll get to host them again next year. And now that I know what to expect I can be more prepared!
Katy tried a few more sessions of gymnastics as well as more swimming lessons. We're still working on the 'listen and follow directions' part. She knows how to have fun, that's for sure.
We joined some friends for a light rail ride to our first Twins game. As expected, the ride and the popcorn were the highlights of the day for Katy. We lucked out and got perfect ball game watching weather.
The Hopkins' Stages Theater is one of our favorite places to see shows. The tickets are reasonable and the shows are fun and engaging. Katy loved seeing The Wiz but then wasn't too sure she wanted to actually meet him.
So if you take Katy's aversion to excess noise and flashing lights, and factor in my love of fireworks shows, our Independence Day celebration is always a bit of a compromise. I tried an out-of-the-way spot to view fireworks. Across the lake from where they light them off, not too busy and also room to run around. Would have been perfect except someone next to us brought their own. Sigh. So Katy watched from the car. She liked them, but spent more time rummaging around in the glove compartment and scattering the contents about the car. Typical!
Music and movies in the park with our friends Sandy and Ava. I wish we had gotten to more concerts. Next year!
Rachel and Evi returned in July for another fun weekend. We hauled the 'donuts' all the way to the lake only to find out they weren't allowed. So we swam, met Wyatt from Super Why and had some ice cream. Then went to the pool :-)
After the pool we joined my friends at Pathways for a 25th year celebration. If you live in Minneapolis and struggle with any kind of health issue and would like support, please check them out. Angels, they are. And finally we just had to check out Minnehaha Falls and all of it's flooding rains splendor. Certainly not a trickle this year!
Next up, A Grand Adventure!

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