Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Fun Comes To An End

Some of the best days are at the end of the summer. National Night Out is one of those days. We love our neighborhood, our neighbors and friends. I'm so happy that Katy can grow up with these kids and hopefully create long lasting friendships.
The end of the summer wouldn't be complete without the Minnesota State Fair! As with the past two years, I took two trips. One trip was for me to check out the entries I put in the Creative Activities show (and eat fair food of course). Skunked this year, no ribbons. My favorite comment from the judges was on the stuffed dragon. "It is soft and cuddly, but bears no resemblance to a dragon! Needs modelling, dragons do not have floppy ears. No expression or personality-no teeth." Whatever. Maybe I should have called it a happy baby dragon? Anyway it's still fun to see my stuff in the cabinets (even if the sweaters were shoved in the way back, you couldn't even see the elephant on Katy's sweater for crying out loud). Not bitter, no, not me.
The following day we headed out together. I found an open park & ride station and loaded up the girl and her stroller. Probably the last year for that I guess. The Kidway rides were great as always, the bumper boats being the favorite again. We added the trampolines this year. Katy loved it but I wished the kids running the place had at least a tiny bit of energy for it. They all looked pretty much asleep. I think the highlight for Katy was the misters outside of the grandstand. I bet she would have spent the day there if I didn't pull her away.

One last hurrah at Midway Stadium at a Saints Game before they move downtown to their new home. We finally catch up to Max and Adam who have been so busy this summer we haven't seen them at all! Most of the time was spent at the playground and bounce house as per usual but it was Zombie Baseball night so it made for good people watching if nothing else.
And just before school starts, we head up to Superior for more fun but you'll have to check out the End Of Summer Grand Adventure post for that :-) 

This summer wore us out! So many fun things to see and do, so little time. Guess it's time to rest up for school...

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